Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe
Welcome to Expat Morgans
Expat Morgans is the leading sport Morgan stud farm in Europe. We produce ponies and small horses for not only the FEI governed disciplines but also for all pony club and riding club activities. We know from experience that it can be difficult to find a horse that is pretty, safe, fun, healthy and athletic. We breed that horse. Our horses are ready to become your best friend and competition teammate. We believe that, regardless of your chosen equestrian pursuit, spending time with your horse should always be a pleasure and bring up our young horses to be fun companions.

Who We Are

Anne and Scott founded Expat Morgans in 2006. They both grew up with horses but on different sides of the Atlantic. Scott was raised in the mid-west and his experience with horses includes bareback rides across the Nebraska prairie and corn fields. Anne is French and discovered ponies as a little girl. She competed in dressage and show jumping as a youngster and has had horses or ponies since she was a child. Anne is qualified as a riding coach. Together Anne and Scott have more than 75 years of horse experience.


Anne discovered Morgans while on a student exchange program in Minnesota. She knew then that she had found the perfect breed. Anne looked for her first Morgan in Europe for several years and finally imported her first mare from Michigan. The mare was delivered to her farm on the day she met Scott. He was a keeper and so was the Morgan breed.


We believe that correct training of amateur riders and tomorrow’s professionals horsemen and women is of vital importance to the industry and to the welfare of horses and ponies.


We always have a team of trainees from all over the world on the farm. We share our home and our passion for Morgans with them. We really enjoy watching them develop good instincts as well as their riding and stable management skills.


The Team Expat Morgans spirit and philosophy spread far & wide through not only our international sales but also through our trainee program.

Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe


Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we may be able to assist you with your breeding or training project.
Expat Morgans leading sport stud farm in Europe


Our horses are ready to become your best friend & teammate.